Dr. Ramón Vilar – Portrayal

Dr. Ramón Vilar
Jefe de la Unidad de RHA

Soy Médico por vocación

In 1984 I started studying medicine with the intention of becoming the best I could in order to help my patients.

I had the opportunity during my studies to further my knowledge with work experience in Swiss and German Hospitals (My summers were not about relaxing but being in a hospital in Gynaecology and Obstetrics).

I was granted a position as a Swiss resident doctor given by fluency in German.

In 1990 I decided to return to Switzerland and on a night shift in between deliveries met Dr, Segrelles and he shared his experiences in the Helvetic Confederation.

Prenatal diagnostic scanning, gynaecological endocrinology and fundamentally Assisted Human Reproduction were the areas my attention and professional development were drawn to in Switzerland.

In 1996 I joined the clinic of Dr. Segrelles as it was a leader in Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Assisted Human Reproduction in the region.

In 2000 I became part of a Project, as a consultant, called “womens health” Unidad de la Mujer, created by Doctors Segrelles and Bayo in the USP Hospital Santa Teresa. I fundamentally dedicated myself to the Assisted Human Reproduction department headed up by Dr Segrelles and seconded by Dr Peramo as Registrar. Thanks to them I learned many of the techniques I use to this day.

In 2003 I continued my work with the ARGGORA’s Women’s Health Unit as a consultant until I assumed the responsibility as Head of Section when Dr Peramo.

Up to 2008, we continued to develop our patient care with outstanding results, whilst maintaining ourselves at the forefront of research. This gave way to aforementioned national awards, research papers, articles and an international patent.

In 2008 we continued our services in Assisted Human Reproduction, collaborating an external laboratory.

In 2010 Dr. Segrelles promoted me to Area Head for Assisted Reproduction in his clinic, whilst he provided guidance and advice.

Today we are part of an Assisted Human Reproduction clinic with our own Laboratory, working with highly skilled professionals and the latest generation technology to deliver our services and research in Assisted Human Reproduction. All of this has contributed to numerous births, even in patients at an advanced age, which is our most notable credential.

Segrelles IVF Assisted Reproduction

«Segrelles IVF. Same results as in the most prestigious European centers of reference»

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