Dr. Enrique Segrelles – Portrayal

Dr. Enrique Segrelles
Director Médico del Centro

Pionero en Reproducción Humana Asistida.

Dr. Enrique Segrelles

In 1973 Monash gets a biochemical pregnancy.

In 1974 SEGRELLES was working in the RHA Unit of the Cantonal Hospital of Geneva with the doctor of Watteville (thanks to a grant of Pharmaceutical Planning). There he performs fallopian tube surgeries and uterine malformations with a magnifying glass, video-assisted hysterosalpingografies and diagnostic laparoscopies. I was already on the right path to resolving fertility through open surgery and laparoscopy with regard to tubal factor. Other infertility factors were treated with IAC and IAD, following ovarian stimulation with gonadotrophins (HMG and HCG).

In 1978 Edwards and Steptoe announced the birth of Louise Brown by IVF (after several multiple pregnancies that were unsuccessful and an extrauterine pregnancy).

In 1984, Pedro N. Barri and Anna Veiga at the Dexeus Institute in Barcelona report the birth of Victoria Anna by IVF.

SEGRELLES spent many years collaborating with Barri in the IAD, since there were no sperm banks in Galicia.

From 1976 to 1980 and 1982 to 1986, SEGRELLES directs, as head of Section, the Unit of Sterility of the current CHUAC, in the context of the Gynecological Team formed in 1973 by Varela Núñez.

In 1986 SEGRELLES, directed an RHA course at the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo. Participants included, among others, Goyanes, who later collaborated in the birth of the first Galician by IVF; Barri who had managed the birth of the first Spaniard two years earlier; Thomeem, Esponda, Egozcue, Hedon, Lewi, Lacadena and Sabater.

On that date in 1986, he tried with Goyanes to create an RHA Center at the Teresa Herrera Hospital (now Maternal Child), which was not possible as Head of Service and therefore asked for leave. It will be in 1994 when they manage to fit the RHA into Public Medicine.

In 1990 Ron, Goyanes and Varela, reported the birth of the first Galician by IVF.

In 1992, Palermo and its collaborators performed the first ICSI

In 2000 SEGRELLES created the Reproduction Center of USP-Hospital Santa Teresa. Our first pregnancy, as happened to Edwards and Steptoe, was an extrauterine pregnancy. This patient had two children later in our Center. We have done in these years more than 3,000 cycles with extraordinary results since we attend individually and personalized all our cases.

In 2003 the Arggora Women’s Health Unit was born, which remained open until 2008.

In 2009 he continued with Human Reproduction at Clínica Segrelles, initially with the support of external laboratories, until 2016 in which an own laboratory equipped with the latest technology is annexed to the Center.

Segrelles IVF Assisted Reproduction

«Segrelles IVF. Same results as in the most prestigious European centers of reference»

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