• First Award in the Scientific Committee of the 11th National Congress of Andrology (ASESA) (Malaga, 10-12 April 2003): “SpermChromatin Dispersion” (SCD) test:  a simple test for the determination of DNA fragmentation in Sperm. Fernández JL, Muriel L, Vázquez R, Gutiérrez M, Huguet E, Peramo B, Segrelles E, Goyanes V, Álvarez JG.
  • First Award in the Scientific Committee of the 24 National Congress of the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF) (Palma de Mallorca, 23-24 May 2002): “ Docosahexaenoic acid corrects a lipid defect in germ cells and semen of the epididymis and increments the products of sperm in mice. Álvarez JG, Ollero M, -Freedman SD.
  • Second Award of the Committee Scientific of the 1st Congress of the Spanish Association for the Study of the Reproduction Biology (ASEBIR) (Murcia, 25-26 October 2001): Ultrastructure of sperm in hiposmotic state (HOST). Goyanes V, Delgado A, Fernández JL, Gutiérrez N, Campos A, Álvarez J, Segrelles E.


  • We have been in some the best magazines in the world. Our work was published in the magazine Fertility and Sterility, and it was considered a “highlight”, and we were commended as one of the best in the world. We were on the cover of the edition of the American magazine.



«The sperm chromatin dispersion (SCD) test: a simple method for the determination of sperm DNA fragmentation». Fernández JL, Muríel M, Rivero MT, Goyanes V, Vázquez R, Alvarez J G. JOURNAL OF ANDROLOGY 2003 Jan-Feb;24(l):59-66.

The SCD test created by ARGGORA Unidad de la Mujer, was presented to measure the integrity of the DNA in human semen. The test is being studied thanks to a grant given by the Xunta (PGIDIT01 BIO02E). Clinical Validation of the SCD test along with collaboration from various research centres, looking at the structure of the nucleus of the human sperm and the basal damage of their DNA in comparison to the leukocytes using digestive enzymes  “in situ”, in addition to analysis of digital imaging.

The study is being carried out in collaboration with Dr. Jaime Gosálvez, lecturer in Genetics in the Universidad Autónoma in Madrid. Mathematical characterisation of the human embryos obtained using FIV and ICSI techniques of assisted fertilization. The Project was carried out with the collaboration of Dr. Eduardo Costas, of the Veterinary Faculty of the  Universidad Complutense in Madrid.

The aim was to determine more objective criteria tan those currently used to measure the quality of embryos in order to pick those embryos of highest quality for transfer to the mother.

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