Preservation of Fertility

Preservation of Fertility

Over time, a woman’s fertility is considerably reduced and, due to the aging of the ovaries, not only is it more difficult to achieve a pregnancy, but once it occurs, there is less chance of a healthy child being born. That is why it is important to consult a specialist in assisted reproduction in the case of opting for a motherhood in advanced age.

Among the most frequent reasons for delaying maternity are:

1.- Because the moment or the person has not arrived

You know you want to be a mother, but the time or the right person to share it with has not quite arrived. You need some more time and you do not want your chances of having a healthy child reduced in the future.

2.- Because you are developing your professional career

You are in full professional expansion, and motherhood has no place in this moment, but you do not want to give up being able to be a mother in the future with your own ovules, without needing donor ovules.

3.- Because you have a health problem and want to overcome it beforehand

The treatment against certain diseases can have negative effects on your future fertility. Vitrifying ovules before starting it will allow you to have healthy ovules and be a mother after overcoming your illness.

What does it consist of ?

The preservation of fertility is a set of techniques that allow, to all those women who must or want to delay their motherhood, maintain the ability to have children in the future through an assisted reproduction treatment with the so-called vitrification techniques. The vitrification is also a freezing system, These are submerged in liquid nitrogen at -196º and then stored in our center until you decide to have a child.

Before carrying out a fertility preservation treatment, patients must undergo a previous study that involves blood tests and ultrasound to make a correct estimation of their reproductive options.

Once the study is completed, the doctor must inform the patient in each case and, depending on the indication, on the real success options. In the same way it is important to inform women of the techniques and their limitations, adequate number of ovules to be frozen, survival rate at the time of devitrification (usually 90%), etc. It is important to clarify that it is a possibility and not a security, since many more factors come into play.

Vitrification allows you to preserve your ovules or embryos, in a laboratory, with the quality and characteristics of the age you have when you freeze them.

Cryopreservation can continue indefinitely in time, being aware that the best use is obtained if they can be used during the woman’s physiologically fertile age.

And after that…?

When the right time comes, you can use your ovules. After a simple treatment of previous preparation of your uterus, it will proceed to devitrify the ovules and fertilize them with your partner’s semen or bank semen, according to personal circumstances, giving rise to embryo / s that will be transferred to the uterus through a simple and painless process.

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If you decide to delay your motherhood you can preserve your fertility at any time. To obtain the best results, we recommend that it be before the age of 35

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