Dr. Jesús Manzanares – Portrayal

Dr. Jesús Manzanares
Gynaecologist in the department of Assisted Human Reproduction

Seeking excellence

When I commenced my medical studies in Venezuela in 1984, I had a special interest in obstetrics. This was confirmed to me as my vocation when I witnessed my first birth, masterfully delivered by my lecturer. It was that day I knew what my specialism would be.

Due to such a large number of patients needing Gynae-Obstetric care in my country, I saw an ideal opportunity to develop myself in this specialist area and provide care and support which to this day I am passionate about. This is where the idea to develop and fully understand my knowledge in Assisted Reproduction.

My dedication to provide quality and a professional service alongside other personal aspects have motivated me to seek new horizons to continue developing my career.

In 2011 I arrived in Spain and started working in the Social Security System. This is where my interest began to grow about Assisted Human Reproduction and I was a Specialist in Fertility.

In 2014 I was fortunate to join Segrelles IVF Assisted Reproduction where from the first day I was instilled with a vision of the enormous possibilities for both personal and professional advances in Assisted Reproduction. Working with highly skilled professionals and latest technology to assist with this function I became a specialist consultant in a city with an increasing demand for our services and support.

I am proud to be a part of this amazing team and give thanks to Dr Enrique Segrelles and Dr. Ramón Vilar, for their altruistic mentoring and guidance.

All these elements allow me to offer my patients and their partners my very best as their Gynaecologist.

Segrelles IVF Assisted Reproduction

“Segrelles IVF. Same results as in the most prestigious European centers of reference”

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