Dr. Enrique Segrelles
Clinic Director and Doctor

Pioneer in Assisted Human Reproduction.

A pioneer in Reproduction in Spain, largely due to the extensive professional and academic experience, amongst other reasons.

Sole Medical Director and administrator in the Clinic Segrelles since 2009 and to this date.

Head of Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Human Reproduction Clinic Segrelles from 2009-2011.

Chief of service of Human Reproduction of Arggora – Female unit, which he created in 2005- 2008.

Head of the Centre of Human Reproduction of the USP Santa Teresa, Current Hospital Quiron in A Coruña, which he created in 2000-2003.

Head of Gynaecology in the Hospital Materno Infantil Teresa Herrera de A Coruña from 1980 – 1986.

Followed by Después Ciudad Sanitaria Juan Canalejo, currently CHUAC (Head of Department Professor Alfonso Varela Nuñez)

Head of the Infertility team. Department of gynaecology. Ciudad Sanitaria Juan Canalejo, currently CHUAC, A Coruña. Years 1976-1980 and 1982-1986.

Working on Microsurgical tuboplasty treated conservatively by laparoscopy. Techniques that are once again being used worldwide.

Dedicated to teaching and training future specialists in obstetrics and Gynecology that today those students hold positions of maximum responsibility, both in public medicine and private practice.

Diploma in Sterility at the centre of the professors H. de Watteville and Meylan. Geneva (Switzerland) University hospital. In 1975 was given a scholarship on Pharmaceutical Management.

Doctor in the University hospital La Chaux de Fonds (Switzerland) (Professor Daniel Thomen) in 1973 and 1974.

Segrelles IVF Spain Assisted Reproduction

“Segrelles IVF. Same results as in the most prestigious European centers of reference”

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