María – A Coruña

The arrival of our son

Here is my history. I met my current partner a night of Christmas Eve about 8 years ago and from there everything was a bed of roses, within two years we bought a house and a few months later we were married, a wonderful honeymoon and a life in perfect couple. The problems started when we decided to look for our dream: have a child.

At the beginning we were not too worried, but as time passed began the anxieties. I have to say that always with the unconditional support of my husband, but it was very hard; in fact right now I am writing and crying at the same time. I was sad all days and came a moment that nothing had sense; we tried to went out, being entertained but my head was always in the same thought, all day wondering what we were doing badly. It is also true that we always remained a little hope and we decided to go for broke. We have to consult a professional.

After several appointments with different gynecologists we were told that the baby will come, very weak valid advice in those moments, we had the great fortune to fall into the hands of a huge professional, Ramón Vilar. From the very beginning he told us he had all the hopes in our case and there was no time to lose. After one consultation with him we knew that the both of us had problems to conceive, but instead of making us coming down, he made us to be sure that we were going to be parents.
And so it was, after several months of treatment and two AI, it arrived at the third time, “third time’s the charm”. The day prior to the insemination came to consultation crying because a very important person in my live had died, after bravely fighting during months against a serious disease. When the doctor saw me in that state, he told me if we wanted we could postpone without any problem but also told us that it would be the best moment for a new important person in our lives to come. And there were no doubts, COME ON DOCTOR!.

Three weeks later I had my analytical and we were the happiest couple in the world, that little person was in our lives. Thank you Doctor, we will thank the whole life.

Be a parent is the best in the world and there are no words to describe it. We love you son.


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