Margarita – Lugo

I remember with dread the day I was told that I could not be a mom without help. Those days were horrible; as if they had been amputee a part of my body of strike, not stop crying. I felt sheltered by the family, friends, and of course, my husband, positive and lively at all times, telling me that whatever it takes, we were going to get it.

From the beginning we were clear that would have to be through IVF and even clearer who we wanted to do it, so we called immediately to the Clinic SegrellesIVF. Get to know Ramón Vilar gave us such a big hope; he was clear at all times and confident about what we were going to do, not talking around or giving false hopes. The treatment in my case was very manageable for my surprise, since everybody was telling me that it was going to be unpleasant. For me, the most uncomfortable was the hot flashes; changes of humor or depression were not important. I am not going to say that it was a bed of roses, but it was quite bearable.

When it seemed that everything was going well, my ovaries twisted and we threw back everything advanced and back to the beginning. It was not at the first attempt and the day of the NEGATIVE BETA was horrible, of course. There were people who told me: “have a rest”, “your head is killing you, but I did not want to. I felt strong and got prepared for the second IVF. So when Ramón gave me the green-light to do so, we went back to start and another implantation came, and together with it, the POSITIVE BETA!!! What a rush!!! At the same time that the nurse gave me the envelope with the result, and I was not able to open it, Ramón called me asking for the results. I told him that I was nervous and not able to open it and told me: and he told me: You do not have to open it; I already know the result, CONGRATULATIONS!!! It is a POSITIVE!!! I started to cry and also the nurse. I said to Ramón: “if you were in front of me right now, I would give you a huge hug and cover you with kisses”, thanking him for everything… It was the happiest day of my life thanks to him and to all the professionals of Clinic Segrelles, each one in its own way, we have been treated very well at all times, with tact, with sweetness, with love and you appreciated this as our emotions were on edge.

Now, we have TEO with us and I always say that it is not only our, it is also a little of them.

¡Thanks a lot to all Ramón´s medical team!


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