Here is my history. I met my current partner a night of Christmas Eve about 8 years ago and from there everything was a bed of roses, within two years we bought a house and a few months later we were married, a wonderful honeymoon and a life in perfect couple. The problems started when we decided to look for our dream: have a child. See More

A Coruña

I remember with dread the day that I was told that I could not be a mom without help. Those days were horrible; as if they had been amputee a part of my body of strike, not stop crying. I felt sheltered by the family, friends, and of course, my husband, positive and lively at all times, telling me that whatever it takes, we were going to get it. See More


"After requesting information at National Insurance we came to the conclusion that we needed a service much more agile, customized and also discreet. We chose Clinic Segrelles and the experience could not be better."  See More


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