Artificial Insemination

Artificial Insemination

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Artificial Insemination Process

Artificial insemination process is a simple technique which involves depositing a suitable sample of semen in the female reproductive tract. It is recommended when there is tubal permeability, adequate sperm samples and young couples. The number of cycles to be performed may vary. Our advice is that with patients under 35 years, if after 3 attempts no pregnancy is achieved,  In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) should be considered. The cycle of artificial insemination can be performed either in a natural cycle, as a cycle of ovarian stimulation so as to achieve the development of several follicles, thus providing more eggs thereby increasing the probability of success. Once they reach the right size, ovulation is induced by HCG, scheduling insemination once 36 hours have elapsed.

Artificial Insemination Success

The day of insemination, a semen sample is collected in a sterile bottle which is delivered to the laboratory, where it is processed to improve and increase its potential.  This is achieved by different washing techniques that remove the seminal plasma, cellular debris, dead, immobile or slow sperm and finally a small volume is obtained in which the entire population is more mobile and capable of fertilization. This material is then used to proceed with insemination. After insemination, the patient should rest for about 15 minutes. At 15 days, pregnancy test is performed by obtaining a blood sample to quantify the HCG.

  • IAC (Artificial Insemination Conjugal): This is when partner’s sperm is used.
  • IAD (Artificial Insemination by Donor): This is when a compatible donor sperm is used.

Segrelles IVF

The Segrelles IVF is endorsed by a team of skilled professionals that along with the use of the latest technology and a personal and confidential manner offer an immaculate service to the patient.

The reputation of the medical centre comes mainly from the wealth of knowledge and experience from our doctors and  medical staff. Leading the clinic is Dr. Enrique Segrelles, specialising in gynaecology and obstetrics, with an extensive career nationally and internationally.

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“Segrelles IVF. Same results as in the most prestigious European centers of reference”


40 years of experience at the national and international levels guarantee to our patients with the highest percentages of effectiveness in all treatments.


We have the most innovative technology in assisted human reproduction and an unbeatable team of professionals. The success is ensured.


We have information for the financing of your options for each In Vitro Fertilization treatment. Contact us.

A Coruña

We will help you become a mother in A Coruña

Segrelles IVF Human Reproduction is expanding into Europe and disposes of a superb medical team. It has implemented the latest technology and infrastructure in its laboratories and throughout the clinic. Its aim is to make A Coruña the City of choice in Europe for Human Reproduction.


La Coruna, a dreamlike city with 12 kilometres of promenade, a window to the Atlantic Ocean. The ideal place to disconnect from the world, relax, dream and make dreams come true. A northern city ideal for walking and admirable beaches and has an enviable Spanish gastronomy. There is no better place in the world to conceive.

And if you come from abroad to visit us …

… we can manage your accommodation

To make the stay of patients who do not reside in A Coruña more pleasant, the Segrelles IVF Clinic includes in its package of services the option of staying at the Hotel Plaza. Located in the heart of the Plaza de Cuatro Caminos, one of the main arteries of the city of A Coruña, Hotel Plaza is located a few meters from the port, the railway and bus stations, in the middle of an important commercial area.

A Coruña is an open, quiet and welcoming city, which makes it an ideal tourist destination and also a privileged place to accompany couples in the process of monitoring assisted reproductive therapy. Turn your medical decision into a leisure opportunity and enjoy a small vacation in the north of Spain, the end of St. James’s Way.

Artificial Insemination Prices

$Artificial Insemination
using partner’s Semen


  • Development of ovarian follicles  
  • Preparation of Semen  
  • Insemination  
  • Analytical and previous examinations diagnosis  
  • Medication  
$Artificial Insemination
using a sperm Bank Donor


  • Development of ovarian follicles  
  • Preparation of Semen  
    Sperm bank sample
  • Insemination  
  • Analytical and previous examinations diagnosis  
  • Medication  

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